We'll help you become a Software Engineer and land your dream job in just 12 weeks.

(If you don't get hired within 12 weeks, we'll work with you for FREE until you're employed.)

Why Our Tech Bootcamp is the
Best Way to Launch Your Tech Career

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our bootcamp covers everything you need to succeed as a Full Stack Developer, from Golang and JavaScript to React and TypeScript. You'll gain practical skills through hands-on projects and expert instruction.

Personalised Support

With unlimited 1-on-1 mentorship, weekly catch-up sessions, and detailed feedback on your assignments, you'll have the support you need to thrive. Our experienced mentors are dedicated to your success.

Job Search Assistance

We don't just teach you to code - we help you land your dream job. Our career services include CV revamping, direct job applications, interview preparation, and salary negotiation support.

Proven Results

Our founder, Mariana Silva, has been featured in Forbes for her impact in empowering aspiring developers. With her guidance and our comprehensive program, you'll gain the skills and confidence to succeed in tech.

Our Graduate Success Stories

How our student went from a dead-end job to a thriving tech career

In just 12 weeks, he transformed his life:

- From zero coding experience to a confident Full Stack Developer- Landed a remote developer job with a starting salary of £300- Now enjoys a fulfilling career with unlimited growth potentialAnd the best part? He achieved all this while learning at his own pace, with the full support of our mentors.

How we helped another student become a Full Stack Developer in record time

Before our bootcamp, our student was stuck in a low-paying job with no room for growth.In just 12 weeks, our student:

- Mastered Golang, JavaScript, React, and TypeScript- Built an impressive portfolio of real-world projects- Landed multiple job offers from top tech companiesNow, he is thriving in his new career, working for JustEat Remotely

Our Proven Approach

#1 Expert-Led Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed by industry experts to take you from beginner to job-ready in just 12 weeks. You'll learn through hands-on projects, with personalized feedback to accelerate your growth.

#2 Unlimited Mentorship

Our experienced mentors are dedicated to your success. With unlimited 1-on-1 sessions, weekly catch-ups, and ongoing support, you'll have the guidance you need to thrive.

#3 Comprehensive Career Services

From CV revamping to direct job applications and interview coaching, our career services team will help you land your dream job and negotiate a competitive salary.

#4 Lifelong Community

As a graduate, you'll join a supportive community of alumni and industry professionals. Benefit from networking opportunities, ongoing learning resources, and career support for life.

With our proven approach and your dedication, you can truly become free.You can earn more money and work from wherever in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It takes 12 weeks to complete the course.

3 times per week, each time for 1.5 hours

4.5 hours in live lessons and additional 4-5 hours per week on projects and extra supporting lessons

No, our bootcamp is designed for Non tech background students

Possible after one year in tech.

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